The inventory management game


When popping my head back into Everquest 2 this last week I was reminded just how generous (or excessive) the amount of inventory and bank space a given character can have. I can sometimes find a kind of calm in sorting bags, swapping crafting materials between alts or selling unwanted items on the broker. Other times though I just want to get on with quests and ignore the piles of random stuff that quickly accumulate.


Everquest 2 does rather take it to an extreme though: very generous bags sizes, a bank and house vault per character and that’s not counting guild storage. Compared to most MMOs, especially free to play MMOs that monetize the pain of limited bag space (e.g. Allods), EQ2 is the game where a lack of inventory management can get so out of hand. LOTRO, by contrast, was always pretty stingy with bag space. Inventory space was…

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