6 geeky things I don’t do

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Like many of you, I comfortably wear the “geek” label, as that is as good as any term to broadcast a wide range of my interests, from MMORPG gaming to video game music podcasting. I know Buffy well, had my Star Trek phase, and have been to enough conventions to know that I fit in well with that crowd.

But unlike what it seems like all of you — even though I logically know otherwise — there are aspects of geekdom of which I do not partake. You know how that is? When it seems like EVERYone else is doing/watching/engaging in something, but you just don’t, for whatever reasons. For me, it’s usually a lack of time, a shortage of money, no interest, or no one to do it with.

So today I thought I’d confess to six geeky things that I totally don’t do.

(1) Read and collect comics

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