What Did I Do To You, Turbine?

Bio Break

So the past couple days, internet speeds in our house have been abysmal.  Like, dial-up slow bad.  After doing a couple speed tests and seeing ping numbers off the chart (well into the four digits) and upload/download speeds crawling, we got worried that our internet provider was throttling us or something happened to the service.

Today I spent over an hour with two different technicians trying to fix the problem, restarting the modem, testing each computer one at a time, only to discover that the issue was my computer.  The tech thought I had a virus or spyware that was eating up all of our bandwidth, and I ran a full series of scans to verify that it was clean.  Then we went into the processes and started shutting them down one at a time until we found the one that was crippling our internet.

Turns out, it was a…

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