Dragon and Dawn

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I managed to complete the dragon i was working on and even did a quick painting of my city at dawn – the original photo I based on one from my brothers collection.


red dragon2.jpeg.jpeg

And Dawn

chch dawn.jpeg

Aside from painting I have been pottering away at my book some more and almost reached 70k now. Slowly going forward.

Games wise I discovered my original Word of Warcraft toon – a 70 warrior was on the server I am playing on so I undeleted him and dusted him off. I have to say that warriors feel slow and disconnected atm from my limited play. As arms I feel like a slower version of my guardian druid and the druid itself is about as slow as I can cope with.

It has also been a free open beta for Atlas Reactor the game from Trion which is a turn based moba. After several days…

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