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terminology XKCDThings have been really crazy at work lately. We’ve got a big project going on right now and it has required some extra hours. The blessing of being an IT guy is that I can work from home when I need to. The curse of being an IT guy is that I can work from home whenever anyone needs anything. All that to say, my gaming time (and, therefore, my blogging time) has been limited of late. So, of course, what better time to download and try some new F2P MMOs than between running large after-hours database processes? [/sarcasm]
Icarus PegasiI’ve never been into Korean import MMOs. I’ve tried a few in the past, but for some reason the art style really bothers me, and they often tend to be poorly translated and tone deaf toward Western preferences when it comes to things like business models and gender locking. Also, armorkinis…

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