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Bio Break

This is from May 2007.  How sad is that?

It’s been a busy day in the MMO world — open betas and NDA drops and 3 gig patchers and whatnot.  I don’t know if anyone is waiting with baited breath or not for my review of Champions, but I’m actually steering away from the game until launch, after which point I’ll play it for a few weeks and then let you know how it is.  There’s a mad scramble to release “reviews” and “impressions” once NDAs drop, and while there are a few thoughtful and experienced writeups here and there, I’m finding a lot of them are off-the-cuff reactions and “I told you so!” posts with axes to grind.

I certainly have thoughts on Champions, but I don’t want them to be mistaken for a review of any sort.  Yes, the community is very divided on the game: there are ardent lovers, disappointed haters, and all sorts in between. …

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