Wondering About Orphne’s Dream

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Currently I’m taking Erdrique (Level 12 Druid) through the Vault of Night Story Arc and the other day I ran The Prisoner (aka VON 2).  The idea behind quest The Prisoner, is that the powerful sorceress Orphne was tricked by assassin from the Inspired and was subsequently poisoned.  As a result, she has fallen under a deep sleep has been trapped inside her dream (the Inspired are members of the Realm of Dreams, who you run across in the Inspired Quarter). 

Getting annoyed at the jets in the Prisoner photo ScreenShot00005_zps594f99ad.jpg
Erdrique dealing with the annoying air jets.  At least the quest doesn’t fail anymore when you get knocked off.

My question and thoughts at this point concern Orphne’s Dream.  When you enter her dream, you talk to her to get the quest started and she talks about how lovely her home is.  As you venture further into the quest, I begin to realize that her home isn’t very…

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