Shameless Boast: My First 20th Shroud

The Order of Syncletica

My stalwart level 20 Light Monk, Syncletica, completed her 20th Shroud yesterday in the company of her guildies on Tyrs Paladium. It was a textbook run, with only a slight misstep in Part 2. Despite a really ugly-looking monster selection there (kobald, fire elemental, troll and lion), we finished it well,  zipped through part 3 in under 5 minutes and nearly took down ‘Arry in our first swing at him.

Just one death in Part 4, although not from the dreaded Shroud Blades. As promised, the devs did nerf them down a bit so that they do not strike as often, yet still persist long enough to keep you on your toes. ‘Arry, on the other hand, was still as mean as ever with flying meteor strikes. One, combined with lag, took out 1 guildmate, but the party smacked ‘Arry forward to part 5, which threatened to become a little…

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