There’s This Dungeon, See, And A Dragon…

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3773254971_bc05e3a19bDDO’s servers are down today, as the old DDO is put to pasture and the new DDO Unlimited is ushered into the room.  I haven’t been in DDO for about a week now, mostly because I’ve been waiting for the new patch and busy with life elsewhere — but don’t take that as a lack of excitement, because DDO Unlimited might be the sleeper hit of the year.

Whether Unlimited’s re-launch works the way Turbine hopes is clearly too soon to tell, but they haven’t been hurting for publicity since the announcement a couple months back.  It’s a game that’s consistently been the underdog ever since its 2005 launch, bleeding the initial swarm of lookie-lou’s into a small, 4-server community that’s seen precious little advertisement from Atari and pretty infrequent updates from Turbine (DDO Unlimited brings with it a content patch that players have been waiting for over 9 months

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