Challenge in early gameplay for groups


A good chunk of my gaming time is devoted to playing MMOs with my husband and a close friend, it’s the reason why I often post on this blog about cooperative gameplay. In trying to find another game to play to fill the content-gaps between TSW issues, it’s rather noticeable how little challenge there is in early MMORPG gameplay.

We’ve recently sampled Neverwinter, a game that offers ample grouping-friendly content, but quite honestly, that gives little challenge to three players who are used to playing together. Our characters are in their late teens, level-wise, and none of the opponents have required any real thought or tactics.

Boss-fights are challenging, but normal mobs not so much. Boss-fights are challenging, but normal mobs not so much.

We’re also going to be trying Star Trek Online, if certain client problems can be resolved (the game client seems less stable at the moment, possibly due to the expansion release?). The tutorial for STO…

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