10 Things I’d Love To See Added To DDO

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dndIf you couldn’t tell, I’ve fallen for DDO over the course of the summer, and slight build frustrations aside, that doesn’t look as if it will be abating any time soon.  Considering that it just went free-to-play for all, I hope that you might give it a decent shot and discover that there’s a great game here behind an ugly interface and daunting statistics.

But I’m nothing if not a critic, so here are 10 additions and changes that would make DDO far better (at least for me!):

  1. Pets – in DDO, Wizards don’t get familiars, and Rangers don’t get a faithful companion, yet these are absolute staples of D&D.  Along with many others, I hope that Turbine instates these, as well as considering an additional pet class.  Speaking of which…
  2. Summons that aren’t crap – most everyone will tell you that summons in DDO are just a waste of…

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