Always Nice to See Old Friends Return!!

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This past weekend, Hellbanisher returned to the enchanted world of DDO and the cities of Stormreach and Eveningstar.  Hellbanisher’s computer had burnt out on him earlier in the year around January.  As a result, he was forced to leave the game until he could get a new computer .  Well, fortunately he was able to pick up a computer from friend and he was able to download and re-install DDO.  He logged back on for the first time in about three months this past Friday.

Heaven burning up the enemies of Red Willow photo HeavenburninguptheenemiesofRedWillow_zps29b4f1e9.jpg
Erdrique using Heaven’s firewall to lure enemies to their death.

I had my main character on, Erdrique, and he brought on one of his lower lever characters, Heavenofhell, and we grouped up with another guildie Bofadees and we took on the Ruined Halls and Red Willow on elite.  We had a fun time running around Ruined Halls and fighting the wide variety of mobs…

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