How do the Factions in the Red Fens interact?

Erdrique's Blog

Awhile back I took a look at the various factions in the Searing Heights and tried to determine links in how the they might interact with each other.  I enjoyed writing up my thoughts on this and now I have made my way to the Red Fens with Erdrique and figured I would try to theorize about the interactions with the factions found in this explorer zone.  Ok, so let me lay out the various factions we have to deal with in the Red Fens:

1).  Raveneye Drow
2).  Sahaugin
3).  Fire Giants
4).  Mire Rats (led by Gorgon?)
5).  Vine thrashers (led by Chokebriar)
6).  Fen cats
7).  Darkfang spiders (led by Fencreeper)
8).  Will o’ Wisps (led by Beacon)
9).  Mudmen
10).  Black puddings
11).  Drowned Zombies
12).  Mudfoot, the out of place hill giant
13).  Riptide, bound water elemental
14).  Sharkbiter

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