Item Naming and Crafting

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One thing that I think that would be really cool would be the ability to create our own unique item names during the crafting process, whether it be greensteel crafting, Cannith crafting, dragontouched, Thunderforged, or whatever.  I think that would be a really cool concept to add to the game if it were possible.  It would allow us to personalize our equipment, making it feel all that more earned.  I think it would also give the players an idea on how hard it is to develop unique names for equipment.

I know there are a number of famous weapons I wouldn’t mind creating on my own.  I mean what paladin wouldn’t mind having their version of Excaliber?  Of what drow ranger wouldn’t mind having a pair of scimitars named Twinkle and Icingdeath. 

 photo Renamingakhopesh_zps31d492ac.jpg
I think it would be cool to be able to rename this khopesh other than +1 Acid Burst…

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