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happy_birthday_newBy all accounts, Turbine’s been doing well with the new free to play DDO Unlimited — enthusiasm for the game is up, new players are streaming in, Turbine’s raking in loads of moolah with their store, and they’ve gotten a huge chunk of free media out of it all.

I highly recommend checking out this helpful thread over on the DDO forums, where the author compiled a list of all of the free adventures (79 total), sorted by level.  The highest density of quests (dungeon adventures) are levels 1-8, with only 10 quests from levels 9-12 and an unknown, if any, amount past that point.

He also tallied up the TP cost for all the adventure packs in the game: 10,675.  So how much would it cost to just straight out buy all the adventure packs and basically unlock the entire questing content of the game (for now)?  Let’s crunch…

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