A Look at the Tear of Dhakaan

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Last week I took a look at two quests that have been in DDO nearly since it was created, Gwylan’s Stand and Stromvauld’s Mine.  Today I wanted to write up an article on another classic DDO quest: The Tear of Dhakaan.  Not too long ago, Cordovan actually put out a live Twitch TV stream of a run through the Tear of Dhakaan with the permadeath guild, Mortal Voyage.  The Tear of Dhakaan was released with first Module for DDO, The Dragon’s Vault

I have a lot of fond memories of this quest.  I remember one particular instance back when the level cap was 10 when I (with my main character Erdrique who was a paladin at the time) and another Crypt Crawler, a bard named Kimmy, decided to run this quest duo.  Now keep in mind that a lot of things were different back then…

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