Recent Activities (Cannith)

Citi Plays DDO

Of late, things on Cannith have not gone as well as I’d hoped. Our guild has hit a scatterpoint, in which everyone has been caught up with one IRL thing or another. Some are dealing with personal issues, while others have found a new job and have not the time to play as they once did.

As for me, my work schedule changed, so I am unable to be home and online when my guild members are. Thus, I don’t see much of them. Monday and Tuesday night I typically see @rayceroyal, sometimes on Sunday I get to see one or two others, if I get home in time and don’t immediately crash.

ScreenShot00059 They say to let sleeping dragons lie… but this one’s dead.

One thing I did get to do is solo Mired in Kobolds with my second life paladin, Citivyr. This was more of a challenge than I…

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