Beneath the Temple of Three Dragons

Dyson's Dodecahedron

We razed the Temple of Three Dragons little over forty years ago. Our villages have been free of the depredations of the fell monks and clerics of the order as well as their three masters or pets since. And now you come to this place seeking the treasures of the order, actually hoping to find evidence that one or more of the Three Dragons may have escaped elsewhere with its treasure.

Your explorations are unwelcome, our villages are closed to you. May the remnants of the order feed your organs to the lizards they would raise into new dragons.

Beneath the Temple of Three Dragons Beneath the Temple of Three Dragons

The Temple of Three Dragons is a weather-beaten ruin, not even worth mapping. It was razed so effectively that the stones of the walls have been spread over acres of land.

But enough digging through the treeless plateau where the temple stood will find one…

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