MMOs and the school of fish effect

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I imagine that most of us are not demigods or sentient mainframes capable of performing trillions of operations a second (I get up to about two, three tops). So for the most part our lives are segmented into what’s in our sphere of interest/involvement and… everything else. We can’t stay on top of all of the news, all of the pop culture, all of the everything in the world. Experiences, preferences, and interest lead us to pay attention to certain areas.

Even in those, we’re hopelessly outclassed in today’s entertainment-rich world. I can’t watch all of the TV shows and movies coming out that apparently I’m supposed to in order to make good conversation around the watercooler. And when I narrow it down to just MMOs, well, I’m still a small little grouper in a big, wide ocean of titles.

There are the MMOs we play, the MMOs we don’t…

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