Recent Activities (Argonnessen)

Citi Plays DDO

So every Tuesday I have been joining @marimcmillan and the guild on Argonnessen for our guild night. This has been grand fun, even if most of what we’ve done they’ve had to drag me kicking and screaming “NEVAR!” into raids.

I pretty much avoid raids because… well, because PUGs (Pick Up Groups, aka: LFM’s) really, REALLY suck!

ScreenShot00042 The Red Fens aren’t very red, but the green sure is purty!

I also spent some time in The Red Fens getting S/E/R and then doing quests. Completing these quests with a group is far easier than trying to solo them, which should be rather obvious.


They did not need to do much to get me flagged for VON, as I had done quite a few of the quests already. I think only VoN2 and 4 were all I had yet to do (I really don’t do well in those two quests). We…

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