Recent Activities (Thelanis)

Citi Plays DDO

Thelanis is the server I’ve been on the most recently. A while ago, I visited Even’s stream and was invited to join her and the FSoD guild to run some quests. Afterward, I was then invited to join said guild, which I did. Since then, I have been running on the server almost every night- save for when I have other plans or just pass out.

ScreenShot00065 So serene…

Our recent activities took Aariah from level 22 to 26, which she just achieved thanks to a run of Jibbers, Raiyum, and… one other quest that I cannot remember.

ScreenShot00060 Even and I take a moment to reflect…

We’ve also been running a lot of quests to get Aariah flagged for raids (also kicking and screaming “NEVAR!”) like ToD, Shroud, and at least one other raid- which I again fail to recall. I will avoid mentioning- in this post as with the two…

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