Dipping into the Stormreach waters


So the gaming trio group has rotated around to doing some Dungeons & Dragons Online as a trial for a game to play together. We tried Neverwinter and Star Trek Online recently but the common game engine for those two games was causing major problems for one of us (crash to desktop, issues with default display etc). So we have come back to Korthos, DDO’s starter island as a group, after some years away (2012 according to my blog post history!).

Once more unto Korthos! Once more unto Korthos!

We’ve created new level 1 characters to play together because leaping back into the game, even on relatively low, level 6 characters seemed like a bad idea. The idea is just to play some of the starter island for now: if we chose to continue playing then we may swap back to our old characters instead. We have a Fighter (tank), a Cleric (healer)…

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