Dungeon Finder Taking A Cue From DDO?

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December 2009 is expansion/patch month for several MMOs, and one of the things that I love about content patches and substantial expansions is that you often see developers trying out new ideas in their established worlds.  LOTRO is getting a lot of praise for its skirmish system, which definitely sounds right up my alley if I was still playing it.

In what’s most likely the last big content patch before Cataclysm, WoW has rolled out patch 3.3, which includes (among other goodies, like a ripoff of QuestHelper’s map aid) a nifty feature called the Dungeon Finder.  This might be the first move on Blizzard’s behalf that’s really impressed me in quite some time (and others as well).

The Dungeon Finder is replacing past failed experiments in grouping aids for WoW, such as the meeting stones and the LFG utility.  It supposedly takes the annoyance out of forming a…

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