A Tale of Two Dungeons

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When you think of bad dungeons in MMORPGs, ones that you would not run again if the alternative was death by flesh-eating ants, ones where you seriously consider whether or not the dev team was pulling a practical joke on its playerbase by designing the most sadistic instance ever, ones where souls are broken, guilds destroyed, and parties continuously wiped from its mere presence — which are the ones that spring to mind?

For me, it’s two in particular: WoW’s Gnomeregan, and DDO’s The Pit.  So sit on back as I take you through a tale of two dungeons and what went horribly, horribly awry with each.


In Vanilla WoW, the dungeoneering experience gets off to a pretty great start.  Horde gets to jump in the earliest with Ragefire Chasm, followed up with the twisty-turny (but still popular) Wailing Caverns, while Alliance got to experience one of the best…

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