Vault of the Granite Ogre

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Deep growls and grinding noises come from these stairs leading down beneath the old watch tower a few leagues down along the shore of Green Shallows Lake. A constant draft brings the smell of stone, earth, and a hint of rot.

Vault of the Granite Ogre Vault of the Granite Ogre

Within the chambers there are uncountable signs of violence – broken and rusted weapons and armour, shattered bones, smashed doors and furniture and statuary. Brown stains show where bleeding bodies were dragged ever deeper into the vault.

The ceilings are tall – twenty feet in most places and even higher in the larger chambers. The stonework was probably fine at one point, and the higher areas still show some bas relief carvings and fine work, but the walls are scraped, scratched and pitted. The breeze comes up from the deepest part of the vault, unhindered by the doors – some torn from their hinges, others…

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