Six Great Non-Traditional MMO Player Races

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Dwarves.  Elves.  Humans.  Halflings.  Er… Dark Elves.  Light Elves.  High Elves.  Low Elves.  Space Elves (aka “Vulcans”).  Elvish Impersonators.

If it’s a fantasy MMO — heck, even if it’s not — chances are you’ll be hit with racial choices that include one or many more of the above.  It’s as if creative thought in regards to fantasy races died a brutal early death with J.R.R. Tolkein, and we haven’t been able to move on since.

So I thought I’d dedicate a list to six great non-traditional MMO races that represent ingenuity and imagination on behalf of the developers or the IP (yeah, LOTRO isn’t going to be on this list, FYI):

1. Forsaken (World of Warcraft)

Undead Tim Burton-ish zombies with an attitude?  Check!  With WoW’s release in 2004, no race captured the immediate mind’s eye of players quite like the Forsaken, intelligent undead creatures who escaped from slavery to…

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