Some Frustrating but Interesting Runs Over the Weekend, May 16 to May 18

Erdrique's Blog

This past weekend’s quest activities, although fun, were highlighted by two difficult and frustrating runs.  The weekend started out with a typical Friday morning slayer run with Berann (Level 7 Barbarian) who is still working his way through the Korthos Wilderness Area.   After running around Korthos for about 20 minutes I had to head out to work.  I logged back on later that afternoon with Erdrique (Level 11 Druid).  I took him into Threnal and hit up the Secure the Area to finish up the Threnal West and since I had just picked up the the Threnalian Ceremonial Blade I decided to do the Threnal Arena as well and picked by the Threnalian Warblade that I past onto to Kanndar (Level 11 Paladin).  After that I logged out until later Friday night.  I only needed to more level 8 quests to finish up those runs: Tomb of the…

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