Cannith Crafting 3.0

Tactalicious & Craftalicious


If you’re like me, you have been looking forward to changes to crafting because of the continued increase of levels and the fact that crafting while flexible have been stuck in a curiosity mode; not really useful above level 15 (and arguably even less) and only as a very limited stop gap item – in particular because of the new random items system and also after the release of shadowfell.

After all – why bother making a +6 item (say constitution) when you can probably find a similar or better random item?

There are some caveats and major changes to the new system. First and foremost flexible shards are gone. This was introduced in 2.0. It was a way to extend the utility of the crafting system without extending the level cap. It was still stuck on 20 and not really useful above a certain level, but the flexible shard…

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