Kunoichi: Shadowmaster Ninja Spy

The Order of Syncletica

Can you find the ninja in the screenshot? There’s always a ninja near you. You just can’t see them–just like these poor guys.

Of all of my Monks, Ryncletica, my halfling Dark Monk, has leveled the slowest. In fact, she’s been around for nearly as long as Syncletica, since I joined the game in mid-2010.

But this has turned out to be a good thing. I know a few other Dark Monks, but many of these play them with little to none of the shadowy benefits and abilities found in their one Prestige Enhancement, the Ninja Spy. While DDO gameplay doesn’t fully promote a role-play aspect, I’ve found it easy to always think *NINJA* while running Ryn through her paces.

With most of her Grandmaster of Flowers abilities learned, Ryncletica has greater offensive abilities. Yet she rarely uses them nowandays. She’s a better spy. She can kill effectively enough…

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