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If nothing else, your article just demonstrated that there is no longer need to search for level 15 random loot. Level 15 is the first point in random loot you can get +8

This is a comment in last blog post that I felt required some additional discussion and it’s not entirely wrong – but there is a point to be made.

First, level 15 random loot and in many cases pre Shadowfell named items were made pointless by the second expansion pack.

With it both chains granted (on heroic) items with +8 attributes, by no less than completing the quests and in the end reward lists. So no grind needed at all. This was also past onto random loot 3.0 and further developed and expanded in random loot 4.0 (current system). So Shadowfell wasn’t just the great ghost bane’ing or for that matter the many incarnations of deadly of accuracy –…

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