Dungeons & Microtransactions

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Seriously, I think about half of the blog posts I caught up on over the weekend had to do about this insane and almost comical Allods cash shop fiasco.  I’ve never seen a game go from beloved to gutter trash so quickly, but that right there is the power of horrible decisions.  They had a great game, a huge buzz, massive amounts of players trying to cram in the front door — and all it took was for them to mark up items 1000% to turn glory into ash.  Whodathunkit?

If the Allods folks are smart, they’ll backpedal on this, and right quickly.  It doesn’t seem as though they are, as their official statement on the matter basically says “We understand that the pricing isn’t popular, but… yeah.”  I really don’t understand what’s gotten into these MMO studios lately.  It’s as if they realize that the doors have been…

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  1. Quijonn says:

    Amazing to look at where we are now and see just how much of that still rings true.


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