DDO: instance scale (and Karazhan)


We played another session of our new Dungeons & Dragons Online trio earlier in the week. In that time we managed to quickly wrap up the final quests on the Isle of Korthos and to transition across to Stormreach city proper.


The last dungeon, Misery’s Peak, is singular in the early experience because it showcases what a dramatic scale the game’s instances can take. The design of the instance truly gives the impression of delving deep into a whole system of caves beneath a mountain. Cavernous chambers, with multiple layers accessible by ramps, are contrasted by tightly sloping passages.


The next zone for the game, the Harbour, is the most constrained perhaps. Adventures there are mostly confined to the sewers and the warehouses found in that district. Getting lost was a problem for me when I played DDO originally – the dungeon maps were often larger than I was…

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