Respecs: Mandatory Launch Feature

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I get that most new MMORPG teams and publishers are just chomping at the bit to get their game out the door.  The players are craving it, there’s little glory in working on an unreleased game, the title is burning money every day that it’s not out there getting subscriptions or doing microtransactions.  So games get pushed out the door a little prematurely — or a LOT prematurely — as a matter of course, as players find themselves navigating a MMO that still has a while to go before even the most basic holes, the most standard features, are patched in.

I would’ve though that by now, respecs would be a standard feature of released MMOs.  It makes sense — everyone’s new to the game, few if anyone knows how to best build their character, and folks are liable to make errors as they level up.  Respecs aren’t just a…

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