3 Things that happened this weekend

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

faicial UlgordFirst, I finally got my PDK favor – on my tank no less. Which is kind of sad considering just how useful that’d be on my sorc or other melee. On top of that I pulled some new hair color and as a rule, unless it’s gray – I have to ‘equip’ it on the person who pulls it. Unless it’s also my Horc fighter – I kind of like his orange Mohican.

I managed to hit 375 doing the dragon in the well on EE – which is pretty much how yo need to get it overall. Do everything on EE (citw on normal I think) and 5 star at least the challenges. And it was a terrific group where I filled the niche as the tank – especially against the dragon. I held the agro – let the sorc and such shoot from afar while I was being slapped around by the dragon – taking…

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