DDO: Tales from the Leaky Dinghy

Bio Break

Last night was Massively’s third DDO group session, an event that I’ve come to really look forward to each week.  I think that’s because I don’t have a lot of spare gaming time to pour into this game, so when I play, I want to know that I can find a group and fast.  Considering that we had around 40 people log on, that wasn’t a problem — groups were forming left and right, and I took a small crowd of insanely trusting folks under my wing to do Waterworks.

Waterworks is like a coming of age ceremony in DDO, the first really big dungeon (well, four of them in a row) that takes a bit of coordination, teamwork, and babysitting to accomplish.  Babysitting Arlos, I mean, that ninny who keeps running headlong into battle as if he wanted to die and negate one of the victory objectives.  It’s been…

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