Trinkets in Crafting 3.0, Jack of all trades.

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

Without flexible shards, Turbine removed some of the uniqueness of the crafting system, but I doubt that was actually the goal. If anything flexible shards were a stop gap measure for a system that seemed useless over level 12-15, breathing some more life into it.

And the more updates we got, the less functional and useful crafting became. It wasn’t really the new random loot system that killed it; once MOTU came along and epic levels but also that time frames loot system, killed the utility of most crafted options.

There are a few exceptions. Exceptions that are still ‘stronger’ than anything you can craft under 3.o. Such as most abilities up till 6. You can today craft items with +6 in any ability at level 9. Per usual the new system do incremental increases through level 1 to 30.

Another good example are fortification items; the new loot system (and…

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