Having Some Fun with Collectibles

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I’m one of those players that will click on anything that “shiny” in order to gather loot, even if the “loot” is nothing more than a collectible.  Collectibles have been part of DDO since day 1 and since I started playing I have always clicked on those random mushrooms, backpacks, bookcases, and work benches in order to get as much from any quest and adventure zone as possible.  I also always look forward to seeing the “purple tea bags” dropping from slain enemies knowing that I can get even more collectibles.  Now, for the longest time collectibles were basically used to receive minor “rewards” from collectible traders spread throughout Stormreach.  At one point, the only collectibles worth gathering were those that could be traded to the House Deneith traders at the top of Sentinel Tower which offered you alchemical stat and skill point buffs.  Even so, I still collected every…

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