Six Things I’d Have Changed About DDO From The Beginning

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Because Monday morning quarterbacking is what all bloggers live to do, here are six things I would’ve changed or done differently with DDO from the start:

1. More info on building classes and better respeccing

D&D is, by its very nature, a complex game.  That complexity is part of its charm, but it also acts as a barrier to entry to those who are bewildered with terms like THAC0 and 3d6 and what a Fortitude vs. Will save means.  I think translating that into a MMO was a monumental task of which Turbine should receive a lot of praise for even attempting, but even their modified 3.5 ruleset was (and is) a little too unwieldy and prone to gimpage for the average player.

The sheer flexibility of the character building system in DDO is only matched by the vast ways you can make a less-than-optimal character and have no idea…

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