Crafting slot choices

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This is a new excellent new crafting planner for the new system. You will note that it’s not covering everything, but it’s fairly complete. It will eventually be for all slots including collar and rune arms.

Anyways, I was sitting there and thinking what some good general stop gap gear would be, not low end and high end and it struck me that some choices were far more flexible (such as Trinkets) and others like head gear wasn’t.

Now, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t make lots of choices out of the combinations that you can, but it’s also true that outside individual abilities for specific classes or builds, some items are generally standard.

Assume that we’re making powerlevel 34 gear. If you look at helmet you have a few attribute choices, but we know that we can get better than 15 right now. This being level 30…

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