To BB, or Not to BB. That is the Question!

Citi Plays DDO

A Beginner’s Guide to Bravery Bonus


Let’s imagine for the moment that you’re a new player to DDO. You’ve created your new character, gone through the initial quest-learny-thing, and you kind of, sort of know what you’re doing. Maybe.

You’ve learned some new terms, such as AC (Armor Class), HP (Hit Points, or health), and XP (Experience Points). You’re ready for some new adventures, or maybe you’re run some already.

You may even already have yourself a nice, fun group to run quests with, and have gone through your first few levels with great speed. That’s great! However, you have a question:

You heard some people in chat talking about BB. What is it, and should you care?


As a “First Life” character, the short answer is: No.

BB, or Bravery Bonus, is extra experience you receive when you run a quest for the first time on higher difficulties. In…

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