Explosive barrels and loot

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The other day, I was running Charlock through Sorrowdusk Isle and through the Grey Moon and Cult of Six chains with a guildie, Lilbitblue.  As we were taking out the various enemies on the island and throughout the quests within the chains a number of barrels and crates also suffered from our destruction .  Some of these barrels were explosive barrels.  I don’t know why this never occurred to me before, as I have only been playing DDO for nearly eight years now (man has it been that long…), but I was noticing money and items dropping from the explosive barrels.  Now, if the barrel was packed full of explosives, how in the world did those items and money remain intact?

LOL, I wish I was able to have the fire protection that those items have .  Perhaps that is it though.  Maybe the wily casters and shamans who stuffed…

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