A Weekend of DDO

Bio Break

Although some Wednesday evenings I’ve been mentally tuckered and in no great mood for gaming, I’ve been enjoying Massively’s Nights in Eberron, and not willing to give it up.  It really helps when there’s a large pool of willing groupers who show up, are in a “let’s go TEAM!” mode, and who roughly are doing the same quests.

Unfortunately, I’ve been waffling on a class and build to play, which means I’ve gone back and rerolled twice now — previously I’ve been a monk and a cleric.  I wasn’t happy with either, so I decided to recreate my heavy repeater spellslinger bard, Mark II.  This time around, I picked a human (for the extra feat), had the 32-point build, and even purchased a +1 of every stat tome out of my leftover Turbine Points.  There’s just something I love about the bard — it does a little of everything, has…

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