Don’t throw out your old toys just yet

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

In the beginning there was chaos.

Before Old Epic and when things only came in Prefix and Suffix. Most of the items were garbage. Partly because of the ability cap around 11 but also because of just how few transmutation existed and so many items were of the ability x of Skill.

Weapons were a little bit better but certainly not as flexible. Armor was (and have for most part always been) terrible.

It’s no wonder players looked at named item for universal gear; green steel for items and weapon, dragontouched and GH for armor and ToD for rings. Then when the Old Epic rolled out some items quickly because THE gear to get, such as red dragon armor and helmet and SoS. And for people who didn’t want to run until their eyes bled; Antique Great Axe.

Gear got new life with the release of Crafting 1.0 and 2.0. First…

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