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I keep talking about crafting 1.0 and random loot 3.0.

So I figured I should explain a little better what I talk about.

For me these different system have gone through significant changes at time. Some times only incremental and other times in a major way.

Take random loot.

Up until MotU it was more or less the same type of system with the same type of effects. Even when crafting was introduced. It’s true that crafting in itself have not evolved as much as random loot and that is why crafting (at least in my mind) is only considered 3.0 where as random loot is at 4.0 or if you like even 5.0

So let me explain since my last post had a rundown of stuff to keep.

1.0 both for random and for crafting exist in the space before MotU. There were no significant changes to loot itself…

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