DDO Fail

Bio Break

So tonight we’re grouped up in DDO, doing one of the explorer areas, and we get so utterly lost that we decide to “deathport” back to town.  One hot jump into lava later, and we all pop up in our respective taverns, ready for Round 2.

All except our leader, Orvidos, who got sent aaaaaaall the way back to the very beginning of the tutorial.  As in, the very first thing you see when you start a new character.  We have no idea why it happened, although we suspected it was a combination of him using vet status (rolling a new character at level 4) and not having bound at a tavern yet.

There was much amusement in guild chat (except by him) that our group literally failed so badly that the game punished us by making our leader start the game over.

Bravo, Turbine.  That takes guts.

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