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One of the upsides of DDO’s F2P switch is that they’ve really been cranking up the content releases — including a lot of stuff for free players.  I’m genuinely excited to read up on the imminent Update 5 (preview patch notes were released today), for the following reasons:

  1. Guild airships may be the coolest guild housing ever, and should go a long way to knitting together guild communities.  Up to this point, I’ve never seen a guild get together in game, or have a reason to past a raid.
  2. They’re beefing up summons for wizards, as well as adding negative energy spells — I’m rolling me a new Pale Master Wizard, baby!  The PM was a poor build in the past, due to a grand total of two negative energy spells and a propensity for death.  Hopefully, this will make the build playable.
  3. A series of adventures surrounding a carnival? …

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