Glad I’m not That Guy

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Taking our characters around and adventuring in the dangerous environs of Stormreach in DDO is quite rewarding but can also be quite enlightening as well.  The other day I took Harrgon (Level 10 Favored Soul) out into Three Barrel Cove and ran the quest Guard Duty.  Now, if you haven’t run the quest Guard Duty before, it is a simple quest where you are asked to protect a ship from some marauding pirates.  As you make your way through the ship to help fend them off you come across a grisly sight. 

Glad I'm not this guy photo GladImnotthisguy_zps7a3b2973.jpg
Harrgon thinking that he is glad he isn’t this guy, the second mate in Guard Duty.

The grisly sight is the second mate who was perished in a fiery blast and had some rubble crush him.  It just makes a player appreciate how the abilities and strengths his character to has and to power of exacting retribution…

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