Pitfalls of Genres


….beware of traps!


Survival games are nothing new any more, gone are the days when people looked at Minecraft and went “Whoa! Nothing else like this on the market” because well – nearly everything is trying to emulate that Minecraft appeal with certain twists.

In the last month or so we have had probably the biggest two culprits in my eyes to these pitfalls. These being ‘No Mans Sky’ and ‘The Tomorrow Children’. When both were revealed they didn’t even look like survival games. One promised unfathomable thoughts of exploring a universe that not one person in the world ever would be able to see all off. Instead, it descended into a mining game with minimal crafting options.

Then came ‘The Tomorrow Children’. Again, thousands of people saw this game of working together with your fellow players to erect this great city, killing monsters who threaten it and having your…

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