On the first day of Slavers, Cannith crafting gave to me….

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I am now in possession of 3 new crafted items (Cannith, not against the slavelords), I ran Slavers (what I call it, so sue me) once with an awesome group on LE but the second part ended up bugged and I also ran 3 Elite Cannith quests for the patron reward and Mark of Cannith mats.


I feel a mini rant coming on, but I will keep it short. The grind for mats is stupid. Largely because Turbine decided to add it but not enough of it. Some quests got new dispensers (such as newer ones) and for most part it’s ‘okay’. But large places that would be ideal for a lot of it, got barely anything. Like ToEE. Massive place to explore, piddly amount of dispensers. In fact you’ll have to check half of part 1 top for 3 (that is 3) where as you can do one…

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