DDO: Exquisite Terror

Bio Break

Even if I only have time to do one dungeon, I still look forward to our Massively DDO nights.  It’s great to know that come Wednesday, this is what I’m doing, and I’ll instantly have a group to play with.

Last night I jumped online ten minutes late, and found that all groups had already formed and were full.  So, ironically enough, the two Massively folks (Rubi and myself) were left to form an army of two.  Fortunately, we both had hirelings to round out the party to five, and we ran the Redwillow quest.

It’s a pretty fun outdoorsy romp — I’d only done it once before, and Rubi never, so we took our sweet time.  Hirelings, for what they are, function pretty well as backup teammates as long as you don’t need them to do anything complicated.  Run, kill, heal, those sorts of things.

So it’s in the…

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